Friday, June 27

The gateway to all things video on the internet.
I have developed a love/hate relationship with this particular search engine.
Don´t get me wrong. I love being able to search for music videos, movie clips, and mini-series episodes in less then a few minutes.
Yet, somehow, I cannot make myself pleased at the idea that anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, can access videos that ANYONE can upload, and at ANY time.
I have found myself, unfortunately, the unlucky video participant on more than one occasion.
Perhaps this is causing my bitterness.
Ah. I don´t know. Perhaps I am angry because I´ve been watching YouTube videos all day long, one can never know.

I´m cross with the internet in general these days.
Every time I turn around, there is another mindless fact site, search engine, video search engine, or networking site that would like to recruit me in some way. Whether it be page views, memberships, or email subscription, every site on the internet seems to be vying for my interest.
Will it ever stop?
It seems as though with every page view, every website figures out a new way to contact me...filling my inbox, crowding my every day life.
I simply cannot imagine what the next ten years of technology will bring.
Look at the Apple iPhone, for instance.
God. If every cell phone could double as a fully-functional mac, I would cease to leave my house long enough to let the dog out, let alone living a fulfilled life.
Who needs to, with a computer that quite literally fits in to a pocket or purse?
Chew on it.

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