Monday, June 2

As some know, I recently spent a comfortable morning in the Waldo County Jail house in Belfast, Maine.
The reasons behind me landing there at nine o'clock on a sunny, spring morning are minimal, and do not require analysis.
My stay, however, might.
Several things are to be addressed right now.
I for one did not know that any medication an inmate "requires" would be provided for them. I also did not know that putting an illiterate person in charge of booking a incoming prisoner was wise.
Oddly, the state policeman that arrested me conversed with me as though we were having coffee, not taking a ride to jail.
The officer in charge of readying one female prisoner headed to court was terrible. Moments after he handcuffed her, I watched as she literally slid her hand out of each cuff.

Alright. I understand that it's a small, poorly-kept, local jail. But are these conditions really appropriate?
I was also mildly offended when a male prisoner commented on my appearance while being escorted to jail, and the officer booking me laughed at his comment.
A female prisoner in the cell I was detained in had food stashed under her pillow. Yes, folks. I AM serious about that. She was the same prisoner that also hid a blanket under that same pillow, for a prisoner headed to court. Why? Said prisoner was terrified that they would take her blanket away.
I am lead to question the safety of the cell I was in.
A toothbrush and toothpaste was provided to the female inmate heading for court. But the coat she was promised, (due to the fact hat she was wearing NO undergarments) was no where to be found, and the officer that had made said promise, was also M.I.A.
Am I not, as an American citizen, guaranteed safety while being detained on criminal charges?
What gives? Are they in the business of arresting and detaining criminals, or are they merely a joke in the eyes of law enforcement institutions nationwide?

I am strongly considering forwarding this article to the local newspaper.
Ah, what an investigative reporter I am.

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