Monday, June 2

It's interesting to see what comes of receiving certification in any field of study.
Upon having a conversation with my twenty-seven year old high school Algebra teacher a few evenings past, I've decided that my decision to teach is one made in my best interest.

Now, I should explain a few minor details I tend to leave out in polite conversation amongst acquaintances. I did not graduate from high school in any sort of normal fashion.
I'm unethical to a painful fault, and those that know me, know that.
But, I have received a high school diploma, and at the endearing age of twenty, will be attending a state-sponsored university.
My views on said educational institutions could not be more skewed. I abhor the very idea of joining the masses in a university setting, yet I see no alternative way to complete of said education level.
With this road block before me, I will find myself confined to a classroom come fall; dreams of a salary in mind, and a student loan bill in hand.

What has driven the United States to push for such guidelines as we have now, when students are, by testing statistics, actually becoming more UNINTELLIGENT?
A student receiving a GED diploma is eligible for the same educational oppurtunities as a student who has actually spent four long years attending his or her local high school setting. And why? Because every portion of American existance is defined by 'equality', and to no apperant avail. Any American woman will tell you that the likelyhood of Hillary Clinton becoming president is slim. Any Black American will tell you that Obama will probably not end up in the White House. Something will prevent it.

Education brings us back to this. Integration, equal oppurtunity, and desegregation are all historical forerunners to my generation. Yet, for whatever reason, very little change has befallen us.
Alas, I fear I am not to see a great deal of change in the future, either.

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