Tuesday, June 17

In all fairness, I should probably consult my doctor before making this post. But as of an hour ago, I have my readers to think of, so I will take the risk.

Chances are, at some point in life, you have had at least one 'sleepless' night.
This is common. My condition, though, is as well.
Since I was fifteen, I have slept through the night less than one hundred times. If I get to sleep, I wake up at some unfortunate hour, usually between two and four in the morning.
But most of the time, I just cannot fall asleep in any fashion.

No wonder many high school students fall asleep in school. No wonder so many women in their early thirties find themselves tired during the day.
This affliction comes from many directions; poor diet, depression, pregnancy, illness and many other such issues.
Ask yourself these questions. What could you do differently in your daily life to reduce bad habits? In some cases, such as pregnancy, a doctor should be consulted. But in most cases, a simple lifestyle change can help!

Recently, my sleep schedule has been a complete disaster. Now, you ask why.
I do this to myself. Don't let me fool you; I love staying up all hours of the night. Daytime and I are not close companions, though I'm sure my roommates and family wish otherwise.

Evaluate your every day life.
See what you can do to change it. Perhaps a good nights sleep is in your future, after all.

Notice that this was posted at nearly two in the morning.
Forgive me; I am a terrible example.


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