Monday, June 2

I suppose that it's time for me to get a long-suffering subject off my chest.
Now, many of you reading this know that it's hard to find a college campus, work setting, or living situation in this day and age where Marijuana is not smoked or consumed in some fashion.
Especially in the region in which I happen to reside.
Alright, you've found me out.
I'm a fairly regular pot smoker.
But is this so bad? Upon spending time with a dear friend from Florida at length, I realized one very important thing: those who are avid users, tend to know a great deal more about the positive effects of said "drug" then those who staunchly oppose its use.
Law enforcement agencies will tell civilians every tale they can dig up relating to its "ill-effects", but for what purpose? Those who have actually experienced it in a rational setting will tell you that said "ill-effects" are rare; if ever to appear. I could sit here for days listing for you all the many positive uses...easing of pain for cancer patients, relaxation from common anxieties...I could undoubtedly go on for days.
But what good would this do? Do some research of your own. Yes, many that have tried the herb weren't so much 'impressed' with its effects; it's effects are different for all.
But look on the bright side; those of you who are happy users of said plant can now move forward with my written blessing on the subject.


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