Thursday, June 26

My cell phone.
Okay, I begged my mom for a BlackBerry for graduation.
I got the BlackBerry. (My folks have an incredibly hard time not giving me my way, for some reason. This has always been the case with them.)
Now, as some know, I've been a sidekick person for almost the entire past year. Before that, I was someone who desperately wanted a sidekick.
I've made a decision. I love my BlackBerry.
It looks, feels, and performs in a much more professional and mature fashion...if a phone can in fact, perform with maturity.
Is it possible that I've grown too old for the sidekick? Yes, I suppose so.

It is, if you'll take notice, designed for teenagers. Attractive, with flashy features such as the instant messaging feature and MySpace application, it was designed to appeal to young people, and damage the wallets of their parents.
Thankfully, I got a massive discount on my BlackBerry.
I will also admit that my BlackBerry is work every penny of the $149. my poor mother paid for it. And to think i had planned to get a new sidekick.
Silly girl. :)

What kind of human being am I...taking my poor parents for all they're worth.
Oh dear.

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