Saturday, March 14


I do so love technological advancements.
This website, while somewhat annoying at eight in the morning when I'm trying to sleep, may be one of the greatest concepts I've ever encountered.
The idea behind it, basically, is instant communication for mass access. One gathers a group of "followers" and can post updates on every day life; one hundred forty characters of "What's up?".
Now normally, I would be convinced that Twitter was a cult. I know...perhaps a bit of a conspiracy theorist, at times. It certainly might be an addiction. But there is one important common platform: mass communication, and on an open network. One can actually engage in conversation with people that aren't necessarily 'friends', but have the potential to be such.
Celebrities have acquired a taste for the service, meeting their fans on a common platform. Of course, this is all the politics of fame, but the concept as a whole is intriguing. \
I'll update on this as it progresses.

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