Monday, March 9

On The Subject Of Anonymous Hatemail

My educated guess on this topic leads me to the age-old practice of back-stabbing.
Why is it exactly, that people feel the need to say nasty, untrue things about other human beings? Especially those who hardly know the party in question?
I suppose to each his own is the explanatory phrase for this one, but I for one, do not make a point of being rude to someone in secret.
I mean, let's be serious for a moment. Who are you to splatter someones character, when you're too ashamed to admit to your own identity?
Interesting, but I always thought that those who spoke openly were remembered, and those who remained anonymous were never noticed in the first place...


Anonymous said...

My educated guess on this topic leads me to the age-old practice of back-stabbing.

Backstabbing eh? At least for once your talking about something you actually know about....

Wow that persons comment really tweaked your anger nerve huh? Either that or your just making a big deal out it to get more attention.. Its so hard to tell what the truth is when someone is a pathological liar..

Jane said...

Still anonymous, I see.
Well, maybe a nerve WAS hit.
Your attacks on me seem rather base-less, and though I'm not one to judge, attention isn't what I'm looking for.
Thank you, though, for giving it to me.
You claim I'm a pathological liar. Pray tell, where do you base that?
Any number of people can say what they like about me. If I was worried, I would never leave my house.
Back-stabbing. Can't imagine what I've done to you, since I don't hang out with anyone from Portland, anymore.
Unless of course this is old news, and you entertain yourself by attempting to ruin others' lives.
Congratulations, if that's the case. You're a tool.

oh, devil. said...

By "rather base-less", I mean entirely unfounded, and down-right rude, by the way.

I would suggest a hobby, but I don't think being a spineless, trash-talking, ignorant bastard places you in a specific group.
So for that, I'm sorry.
And since we were once friends, it would seem, I should let you know that there was a reason that we stopped being such to begin with, wasn't there?
Stick to your guns, kid.

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