Tuesday, July 14

The Great Internet Theft

Folks, I am distressed.
For the longest time, I had no problem acquiring an Internet connection. Now here I sit, stealing the Internet from my neighbors so that I can complain about stealing the Internet.
In a society where the Internet is one of the most important connections human beings can use for communication, why may I ask, is it so damned expensive?!
My roommates and I are all working, studying, and contributing members of society. Why is it, I ask, that we should have to pay for a service that is nearly REQUIRED to survive? The Internet is a movement; you can now pay your bills, book hotels, and even grocery shop on-line! Why is it that this service has not become accessible to the public? We all know that it eventually will reach that point; why not now?
Did you know that you can now access the internet in most Dunkin' Donuts locations? I had NO IDEA! If that is possible, than how is it that we do not have global-access internet?
That aside, there is the teeny tiny matter of up-to-date knowledge of the news and whats happening in the world. I'll be honest with you. Half the time, I have no idea what's going on outside of the small town I live in. Why? NO access to media sources. Only a few weeks ago, a shooting happened on the street next to ours and I didn't hear about it for more than a week!

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