Wednesday, March 4


I absolutely must have an explanation here.
Why is it, that when a guy says he'll call you at specific time, it always winds up taking him a few days to get that time right?
This has always flabbergasted me to no end, as I run a tight ship, schedule-wise. I have things to do. I'm already making time appear out of thin air for him, so what's a few minutes on the phone, letting me know that plans have changed, right?
Am I not entitled to that?
Perhaps I'm just frustrated that something came up, and for whatever reason, two out the four times he said he'd call at a certain time, he hasn't. Perhaps.
It's also true that I don't particularly like the male gender as a whole at the moment, due to the usual melodramatic banter that goes on in my home. Same story, different day; that sort of thing.
Oh. Have I not told you?
I, antisocial to a painful fault, am living with five other human beings. Fairly, I have warmed them that I am not always in the best spirits when it comes to human beings, and that in those instances, I am better left to my own devices. I chose, both wisely and not-so-much, to be appointed the head of this household. The option for this job would not necessarily have been the best choice, as it wields a great deal of poor, and must be maintained by an objective party, such as myself. However, at this present time, I am beginning to lack objectivity, as the people in my life continue to fail at cohabitation.
Why is it, I ask, that some just cannot grasp the concept that when you move into a home, agreeing to follow the rules, you CONTINUE to follow them? While at the same time, others don't realize that in order to LIVE, you must learn to deal with the flaws of others. (Most human beings are disastrously flawed, and should be put out of their misery early, in my opinion.)

Perhaps I view things this way because I am so shamelessly disconnected from others.

But I doubt it.


All of portland maine said...

MAybe its because your a bitch who treats her "friends" like shit? Everyone talks shit about you behind your back,id otn know why we even still hang out with you,your not cool,you just look like you might be and thats all you have in life...

Jane said...

Hmmm. I can only imagine how much ignorance it takes to say something like that anonymously. Congratulations, Portland, ME. You have successfully proven yourself.

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