Monday, March 9

When I said I Didn't Care...

That was exactly what I meant.
I have seen a great many things in my life. I don't expect you to believe the things I say, because many unusual strokes of luck have befallen me, and I have been blessed to see a great many things. Part of who I am stems from this; my social awkwardness.
I don't trust people, because they don't trust me first. This is true for most people, and because of that, and the lack of solid evidence against me, I'm not terribly concerned by what others think of me.
Also, in regard to the recent hate mail saga, I am less than shocked. Drama is like a drug for some people, and they'll instigate for any given reason. People are mostly pathetic, and that's just facts.

Most wonder why a person with as much energy and attitude as I have hates humanity. Well folks, there it is. Shameless and obnoxious anonymous attempts on my feelings, and the only one looking stupid is the anonymous poster.
Why? Because my blog is for people to read if they're INTERESTED, not if they feel that I deserve an open attack.

Like I said, anon.
We're obviously not friends for a reason, and if you're someone I've hung out with in the last two months, you're fake as fuck to begin with. :)

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