Sunday, February 15


Hooray! Today is a day of celebration.
I have an iPod, and it is in working order. Eight gig, hot pink, nano video. I am dumb to speak, with joy.
The reasoning behind my happiness is this: the first iPod I ever owned was stolen, and I've been two years on the road, aching for a new one.
Why my fascination with this tiny object? Well, though it's not as fancy as some of Apple's recent technology, it will hold four thousand songs. Four thousand songs is plenty for someone who doesn't spend much time in the car, and doesn't have a great distance to trek from class to class.
I am content.

I should admit, however, that I would prefer a Zune. I enjoy the smart technology it holds, and it seems to have a more sleek design, though this has little to do with how it will work.
I like flashy things, what can I say?
Don't get me wrong, iPod. You are the love of my life.

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