Monday, November 10

Another Cellphone Rant.

Get over it, Jane. You're probably never going to have your amazing Sidekick back.

I have to hand it to my parents. They know how to spoil a kid. Just this past week, my Mom and Pops handed my my brand new UX260, made by LG. Now, normally I would be very excited to receive a new cellphone, as I'm sure any self-respecting college student would. But why on Earth, would a company sell phones, that are being returned for technical problems, by the SAME customer, numerous times? You would think that this would lead to other customers, who have the same phone, to do the same. One person can not possibly receiving ALL of the faulty ones. I have returned this phone four times, since I first purchased it in August. Why, you wonder? The keyboard on the UX260 (The LG Rumor, according to Sprint) does not work more than five times, before it skips, and causes your cell phone to turn off. Wonderful. Someone give me a BlackBerry. A Razr, even! Anything to end my suffering.
No, I'm not finished.
This phone is just ugly. I will not apologize.


Jason Legacy said...

that sucks!!

oh, devil. said...

ah i know. i need my crackberry back! hahaha.

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