Friday, October 31

As a disclaimer, I am a shameless asshole, and I strongly dislike most people.
Take into consideration, mind you, that I am twenty-one year old college student. I have no place judging those in my age group.
But, there is one class of young person that I just cannot tolerate.
The "bro". The simple-minded feminized male that hangs out with 'the boys' more on a weekly basis, than I would hang out with my best friend in a year. It's sad, really. They come in large groups, and generally carry shitty characteristics such as bad pick-up lines, in their pockets.
For instance, while at a bar recently, I was assailed by a young man; approximately twenty-two, wearing a button-down shirt and khaki shorts.
Said young man did not appreciate the fact that I was not paying remote attention to him, so he attempted a new angle: the pick-up line.
Conversation went as follows:
Bro: "Have you seen any woodland creatures around here tonight?"
J: "Uhhh. Nope. Not as far as I recall."
(Seconds pass...)
J: "Why...?"
Bro: (thrusting his bulging forearms in my face,) "BECAUSE THESE ANACONDAS ARE HUNGRY!"
(Scores of laughter from his mates ensued, upon his receipt of my dumbfounded expression.)

C'mon. Ladies. Really? Do they think that by acting like common domesticated animals, they will succeed in charming today's sophisticated upper-crust women?
I doubt it.

Scumbags, beware.
We can see right through you, and we're smarter than you give us credit for.

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