Tuesday, November 11

Oh, sex.

Okay, okay. So perhaps I'm bitter. But the sounds of vicious lovemaking coming from the bedroom adjacent to mine tell me that I'm just a normal person, who is annoyed by the amount of noise her roommates feel they need to make during sex.
Don't get me wrong. I enjoy sex as much as the next person, and most would think my adverse attitude toward what is going on in the next room is based solely on frustration.
Blah blah, single woman not getting laid. She's just mad because she's not getting any.
Nope, not the case. I am, however, irritated about the fact that I am basically shut in my room until they decide that they're done.
Oh my god.
Now they're talking about getting married.

Fuck my life, guys.
What's girl to do. They keep moving around, and I can only hope that means I can fucking piss.
It's been well over an hour.

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