Tuesday, July 8

Tribute To A Dying Trend

Internet dating.
In the past five years, this phenomenon has risen, and with a resounding crash, fallen.
Due to high rates of dangerous individuals luring innocents away from safety using this methodology, the world wide web is being abandoned yet again.

But, only by one age group, and you will never guess which it is.
My age group. Yes, those between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-six are abandoning the internet as a dating tool. As it would seem, the percentage of nightclub attendees has risen since this trend died down.
Perhaps there is rhyme to this reason.
I have noticed that though I am not the relationship type, those around me that are going out and meeting new people on a personal level, are doing it far more often than they normally would. This is a turning point for me, and for my generation.
Whatever will we do in our thirties, when the quest for young love has long-since passed its prime moment?

Thank heavens the author in me needs only cigarettes and marijuana, and not a man.
Think on it.

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Matt said...

so true, haha. Thank god.

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