Thursday, July 10

My Take On High Times

I spent the afternoon hanging out with a large group of twenty-somethings from central Maine.
If you have ever heard anything about central Maine, aside from it being located in Southeast Canada, you will know what this entailed.
After hours of conversation about the history of our nation, we smoked a few bowls and began discussing the latest article in America's premier Marijuana magazine.
As I flipped through the pages, skimming articles and hoping to gain insight as to why the magazine is so popular, it dawned clear.
Not only are pot smokers perceived as uneducated and dull, they are seen as criminals. Okay, in all fairness, I knew this was the case. I mean, come on. I've lived in central Florida, Maine, and throughout the country in the past few years. It is no secret to me that the consumption, purchase, and possession of Marijuana are illegal. But High Times opened new doors to me this evening.
Think about it.
How many different uses for light bulbs can you think of? I now know of at least ten additional uses.
How many celebrities can you think of that are currently, or were at some point, making their living off "stoner comedy"?
I now know of three additional parties.
Interesting, isn't it, how popular a topic this is. While paging through the popular editorial, I encountered all sorts of new products being added to the seasoned smokers market.
Thanks to this popular publication, I now have something to look forward to, this forthcoming school year.
Boy, let me tell you what the year two thousand eight looks like for me.

It is a complete haze. I have not yet been so excited.

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