Monday, July 21

An Attempt...

this place surrounding me...
four walls, none left untouched.
i am forgotten, if for mere seconds, and become afraid.
forever will i stop short, asking myself 'what next?'
i am forging a path many
before me have merely dreamed for,
though i see no delight in my effortlessness.
stop short; ask yourself one question.
where are you?
delighted by the world?
forever searching, human design is recognized.
i will ask of nothing from you.
only solidarity, faithfulness.
you see, nothing more than that can sustain me.
i am satisfied with failure;
we are through.

forget, nothing.

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i am young, though every sunrise brings another aching muscle, another sore joint. i am wise, though every mistake holds consequences, and every hurt makes room for emptiness. I will one day rise; face myself, and let knowledge run rampant.