Monday, January 5

Movie Scoring, Here I Come!

Interesting new direction, people.
I've decided that if teaching high school kids the History of the world, or this fine nation that we live in, does not work out...well, I'll go to school to score movies.
Think back to every favorite film you've ever had.
The melodic music that falls together as a beautiful precursor to each scene? Well, it's actually someones job to put that all in order.
I want that job.
After spending hours last night reading books on death, disease, and insanity, I decided listening to some old movie soundtrack favorites of mine would relieve some of the frustration. (Hans Zimmer, I would give my right arm to spend an hour with you.)
Pearl Harbor and Twilight (Don't judge. The book was amazing, and the soundtrack is riveting.) soundtracks later, I have rekindled my passion for classical and/or orchestrated music. So much emotion, and most people don't even catch on. Why? Because the dialogue in movies/films today takes over. The days of the musical have passed us by, sadly.
Live theater is the only place now where one can truly film music and acting on the same page.
So I have a mission for each of you.
Hell, I spend a good portion of my weekends watching movies from the mid-forties/fifties. Music was half the fun in those days. I so look forward to watching those old black and whites, where the stars still respect the rules of propriety, and singing seems to get the point across so much more beautifully. Where's the fault in any of that?!
Watch a favorite movie at some point this week.
Try to pick up on music you would have missed.
You won't regret it.

See? I don't ALWAYS complain. :)

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