Thursday, October 30

Dope. Dirt. Brother. Nixon. Judas. In other words, heroine.
I have never tried it. I never will.
But it is amongst my generation like a plague. I have gone no where on my travels and not heard of its use. I do in fact, have several friends that are former heroine users. There is every chance, that they are still using.
What is this black tar plague that has infected America's youth? To the government, it is under watchful eye. But the population itself? Not nearly to the degree that it should be.
Now, I am not hating on the substance itself. Just the destructive side-effects that I have seen come from its use. Ironically, I can think of no 'good' things about the drug, perhaps except, the high itself.
But is it really even enjoyable? The sources I have spoken to say so, but I am inclined to disagree.
Perhaps this is a subject I am not fit to speak on, but as an advocate for freedom as a term, I am going to share my thoughts, regardless.
In my limited experience with users, I have heard only awful horror stories of the come-down; the biting period after use that makes one feel as though he is dying a slow, painful death. But, perhaps dramatist points of view are necessary to prevent its use by others. I am not to be the one who makes that decision.
This rant deserves a disclaimer:
Every day, I am surrounded by people in my age group, who are just trying to survive, one day at a time. They are not to be judged, or thought ill of. They are people, like myself, and you who is reading this.
Never for a moment think that you are above someone suffering from addiction, or experimenting with drugs. They are human beings, just trying to survive as you are. Not every facet of life is the same, but we are all equal; human beings by design.

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